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Jamie Chase

I adore working with children ... there is nothing like seeing the spark in a child's eyes when everything suddenly clicks and they "get it." Reading is a personal passion and I get to introduce the world of reading to kids. How lucky am I?
In my class we: are silly, are polite, support each other, ask questions, explore, sing, dance, create, sing some more, read, write, experiment, observe, sing, discuss, help, learn responsibility ... and did I mention we sing? We have songs for just about everything from math and science concepts to sight words to behavior and manners.
This is my 6th year in education and my 4th in Kindergarten. I spent several years working in art and graphic design before following my heart and working in the classroom. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso and moved to Wimberley 6 years ago. My fiance Ryan and I are getting married November 18th but my name is staying the same so after that I will just be Mrs. Chase.
About Me
Age: 37
Birthday: June 20
Class Name: Chase's Aces
Classroom theme: Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Colors: Turquoise/Teal, Coral
Hobbies: Painting, graphic design, reading, video games